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Thomas Nigro
Minsar Studio is now on Oculus App Lab!

Last week, Minsar Studio has been approved by the Oculus Store team!

Gaetan Cerrillo
We have something to show you. Join us for Virtuality 2020!

Minsar will attend Virtuality this year again! We have a lot to show you!

Adessa Batts
Celebrating Pride Month with Minsar!

This month is Pride Month, but at Minsar we have pride year-round. Diversity is a crucial part of our company identity and we encourage our team to express themselves fully and feel no judgment.

Saila Nieminen
Introducing XR View & The Spatial Browser

XR View is a brand new way to share AR/VR content with your clients, visitors, general public, and more! It is one of the world’s first viewers for 3D content, and is paving the way for spatial browsers and the future of the internet.

Adessa Batts
Minsar Heads to Copenhagen with Magic Leap: Unite 2019!

The biggest conference for AR/VR developers and enthusiasts using Unity is about to kick-off, and Minsar will be there with Magic Leap! Minsar will be giving their premier demo of the Minsar Create application for Magic Leap One during the conference. Attendees will be able to experience brand new capabilities such as importation of Volumetric Video (animated 3D video content) and Image Anchors (logos, photos, paintings, used to affix elements within an experience).

Saila Nieminen
Minsar Selected for Magic Leap Creator Program

In November 2018, Magic Leap launched their Creator Program with the objective of building an ecosystem around the Magic Leap technology. Minsar was selected as one of the young and groundbreaking startups to receive funding out of 6,500 initial candidates.

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