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Victoria Galvan
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Is AR advertising the new "must-have" technology?

The future of advertising is here and it has started to shake things up. AR the must-have technology will innovate your business, with experiences, collaborations, and partnerships AR increasingly attracts and engages your audience in a way its never done so before!

Adessa Batts
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AR? Bah!

In 1995, Clifford Stoll wrote an article for Newsweek called “The Internet? Bah!”, detailing how he believed that the internet would never take off and it was a waste of time and resources. Many say similar things about AR, but are these naysayers the ones who will be left out of a revolution?

Anissa Boni
Discover AR/VR
When Dreams Become “Augmented” Reality

This blog explores "Naumachia of Parc Monceau", one of the first fully functional Minsar Experiences, created by Maëlys Jusseaux.

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