Create Immersively

Create engaging and interactive AR/VR experiences without coding.

Import Your Content
Import 3D objects, flat or transparent videos, volumetric recordings, images, texts and sounds from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.
Layout and Design
Quickly iterate on your elements position, scale and rotation in the physical or virtual environment.
Use premade assets
Import assets from online asset providers such as Sketchfab to accelerate your content creation workflow.
Anchor experiences to images or to physical locations by using image or spatial anchors, and then edit from anywhere.
Triggers & Actions
Create interactions (tap, gaze, proximity, etc.), animations and actions (open URL, show/hide, etc.) visually, without code.

Supported Platforms
Available on iOS and Android. Soon on Magic Leap, Hololens 2, and Oculus.

Coming in 2020

Allow users to make purchases within an experience.
Remote Edit
Edit the Reality of any location right from your desk.
Collaborate with your team in real-time from anywhere.
Minsar Runtime SDK for app & web developers.

Distribute Universally

Distribute your content worldwide, on any platform, on any device, in a few clicks.

XR View Browser
Publish your experience in our spatial web browser.
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Social Media
Share your experience on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
Coming 2020
Websites and apps embeds
Embed your experience, just like you would embed a video.
Coming 2020
Standalone websites and apps
Export your experience as an app, or we host it at any domain name.
Coming 2020
Magicverse Integration
Push your experience to Magic Leap's Magicverse.
Coming 2020
Ultra Fast Hosting
3D experiences are usually heavy, therefore bandwidth-intensive. Minsar Distribute takes care of the hosting.
Location Based Experiences
Limit the availability of your content to certain locations - if your users are there, we will suggest your content.
Image as URL
Your company's logo or a movie poster can be linked to an experience, allowing your users to simply point the image at the camera and the experience opens.
Asset Optimization
Assets such as 3D objects or videos are optimized for each family of devices.
Multi-User Sync
Engage in powerful, engaging and collaborative experiences.
2 clicks to deploy
All of these things can be done with absolutely no-code and are always only a few clicks away!

Unleash your creativity.
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Start creating your experience for free and take as long as you need.
When you’re ready, just add a plan and share your experiences to the world.
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