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Made for those who want to defy constraints, Minsar Studio is the most complete no-code tool for designing augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. With intuitive drag-and-drop placement, real-time previewing, automatic cloud saving, powerful rendering technology, and effortless sharing support, Minsar Studio is a must-have design tool.

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An all-in-one tool to import, design, and share experiences in AR/VR.

Real-time preview in your environment as you design, completely no-code.

A seamless workflow across all your devices, including 3D headsets.

Technology accelerated by Apple Metal on iOS devices and Direct X on Hololens 2.

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Hands on creativity.

Drag and Drop

Forget your mouse and keyboard.

Simply use your fingers to drag-and-drop elements directly into your scene. The elements can then be scaled, manipulated, and placed wherever you desire. You don’t have to learn new gestures, you already know them all.

Real-time preview

Think less, experiment more.

Going back and forth between programming and viewing your experiences is a thing of the past. Unleash your creativity by editing your AR/VR experiences directly inside Minsar Studio. Real-time creation allows you to instantly preview every change you make to your experiences, all while immersed in your creative environment.

You'll never want to return to your traditional workflow after trying no-code.

Minsar Studio allows you to complete projects up to 20x faster than with a traditional workflow, allowing you to provide your clients with cost-effective and timely experiences.



faster than your typical

No-code workflow with Minsar Studio

Traditional workflow with developers using Unity

down to

< 1 week

from idea to production

up to


improvements in iteration times


Create & modify with ease.

Generate several types of elements from scratch, such as shapes and text blocks. Changed your mind about a color or font? No problem. It's easy to alter your elements with Minsar Studio presets.


Customize the colors of your chosen texts, shapes, and backgrounds.


Choose from a variety of 3D shapes to import directly into your scene.


Select the font that best suits the texts in your experience.


Alter the corners of your 2D images to be sharp or rounded.


Transform your elements with a multitude of predesigned textures.

Use your everyday tools for tomorrow's creations.

Cloud service providers

Access your favorite cloud storage.

Drop your local storage and import all your assets directly from your favorite cloud service provider. Minsar Studio is fully integrated with Sketchfab, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Local Storage.

Add assets directly to your scene from your device's local storage.

Google Drive.

Access your personal and team drives to import 3D and 2D content directly into your scene.


Upload your 3D, 2D, and audio assets to your Dropbox and import them directly into your scene.


Import models directly from Sketchfab, the largest 3D library for publishing and discovering assets.

Supporting industry standards

Compatibility is key. We go across the board.

Minsar Studio is compatible with many different softwares and formats. No need to reprogram your work when you want to export. Use your favorite creation software and never reformat your assets again.


Images can all be imported into Minsar in order to enhance your scene without making it too heavy.





Multiple types of video can be imported into Minsar in order to enhance immersion and interactivity of your experience.





You can upload sounds in many formats such as OGG, WAV & MP3.





We support glTF/glb and OBJ files. We recommend limiting your scenes to 600,000 triangles for optimal load time.




Cloud auto save

Keep your feet on the ground and your work in the cloud.

Let your creativity take control, and never worry about losing your work. Minsar Studio uses Microsoft Azure cloud hosting to safely store your projects, and save your progress in real-time. This means that you can focus on creating the best AR/VR experience without having to stop in order to save your work.

Export support

Share your content with the world.

Sharing an augmented reality experience has never been easier. With a simple link or QR code, you can share your experience to the world through XR View, our own augmented reality viewer. You can also share to your community through social media (Facebook & Instagram) with SparkAR, or directly through the web using WebXR.

Scan or touch the QR code to discover the experience on your phone.

Minsar studio QR code
Augmented reality on the iphone

Three dimensions,
one stunning experience.

World understanding

Leave world understanding to your device.

Minsar uses each device’s built-in world understanding to provide the most stable AR/VR experience possible. Your environment has never been more familiar as the Minsar Studio app works hard to scan your surroundings to optimize your experience. Minsar Studio is also optimized for the latest iPad Pro with LIDAR sensor.


All aboard for creativity.

Anchors are one of the most crucial parts of Augmented Reality, as they are what attach your experiences to the physical world. Minsar Studio provides a wide array of anchors and continues to add support for new ones as they are released.

Change anchor type

Simple anchor for augmented reality and virtual reality

Simple Anchor

Image anchor for augmented and virtual reality

Image Anchor

Spatial Anchor

Surface Anchor

Simple Anchor

The default simple anchor provides a basic elements positioning system.

Image Anchor

The image anchor attaches your experience to a physical image such as a poster, logo, or business card.

Spatial Anchor

The spatial anchor allows you to attach experiences to a specific physical location, by using a combination of GPS and spatial mapping.

Surface Anchor

The surface anchor allows you to attach your experience to any physical surface, whether it be a wall, floor, or tabletop.

Triggers and actions

Make it drop it like it's hot.

Triggers & actions are what make your experiences interactive. Actions determine what an element does, and triggers determine when they do it. These interactions can be as simple as tapping an object to make it rotate, or as complex as gazing at an object to make it open a new experience or webpage.

Refractive glass

Coming soon.


The transparency of your element.


How smooth or rough the texture of your element is.

Ambient Occlusion

How exposed each point on an element is to ambient lighting.


How metallic/reflective your object is.


The way your element reacts to light.

Base Color

The color/colors of your element.


As real as reality.

Making an augmented reality experience isn’t just about putting 3D objects into reality, but making 3D merge with reality. To achieve this goal, AR experiences must look as stunning and realistic as your environment. That’s where shaders come into play. Minsar Studio is capable of understanding your real or virtual environment in order to render the elements of your scene accordingly.

Refractive glass

Coming soon.


The transparency of your element.


How smooth or rough the texture of your element is.

Ambient Occlusion

How exposed each point on an element is to ambient lighting.


How metallic/reflective your object is.


The way your element reacts to light.

Base Color

The color/colors of your element.

Work at the speed
of your thoughts.

Multi engine

Get the most out of each of your devices.

Don’t worry about switching between devices. Minsar gets the best performance out of each device by using the device’s native 3D engine: for example, Metal on iOS, and DirectX on HoloLens.

Sometimes it takes a team.

Workspace management

More collaborators, more creativity.

Working together on AR experiences with your teammates has never been easier. Minsar Studio allows multiple team members to access one Minsar account simultaneously, with the ability to choose who can edit and preview each experience. The same account can be accessed from all of your compatible devices.


Start on one device, finish on another.

No headset? No problem. The projects that you design on your iOS or Android devices can be opened on any headset, and vice versa.




Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

Hololens 2


Magic Leap One

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