What's new in Minsar Studio

Learn about the latest updates of Minsar Studio 1.19.

SparkAR export

SparkAR is now integrated in Minsar Studio, you can create in Minsar Studio and then publish directly to Facebook and Instagram

Sketchfab integration

Access your personal Sketchfab models as well as any elements you have saved while browsing the Sketchfab library, or browse models directly in the Minsar app.

Vertical surface anchor

Create incredible displays by anchoring your products to a wall, or other vertical surface. Attach artwork to create a walk-through museum, videos to make a video gallery or movie theater, or items to purchase in a creative retail display.

Hide and reveal actions

The hide and reveal actions are now available to make your experiences even more interactive. These actions can be combined with any trigger to make elements appear or disappear. For example, the “enter zone” trigger can be used so that when a viewer walks into a specific zone, the elements of that zone will all appear.

What's coming next

Discover all the upcoming features coming soon in Minsar Studio and XR View.

Import from cloud service providers
Studio 1.20

360 Inner video bubble

Fully immerse yourself inside of a 360° video bubble.

Import from cloud service providers
Studio 1.20

glTF animations for SparkAR

Export Minsar experiences with glTF animations into your SparkAR filters.

Import from cloud service providers
Studio 1.20

Spatial Triggers & Actions

Manipulate your triggers and actions in a three dimensional way by linking elements visually.

Import from cloud service providers
Studio 1.20

Loop option in Play Action

Trigger your videos and audio to loop so that they play continuously while viewing an experience.

Import from cloud service providers
Studio 1.20

WebXR SDK alpha

Open experiences straight from your website with the Minsar SDK for WebXR.

Latest news

Stay up to date on the newest Minsar Studio and XR view releases, and find out which features will be available soon.

Studio UpdateNew Release: Minsar v.1.16

Minsar v.1.16 is not just a new version, it’s THE new version. We have been waiting for Minsar v.1.16 since the start of Minsar and we were thrilled to introduce it to you. It’s been a long path in terms of R&D but we are finally here, today. 

Studio UpdateMinsar Studio 1.14 Hits the App Store with a Multitude of New Features

Our first official commercialized version, Minsar Create 1.14, is now available in the App Store, and we can’t wait to share all of its exciting new features with you! We put together this comprehensive list so you can learn more about what you can expect from Minsar 1.14.

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