Design in full immersion.

Minsar is a VR platform to prototype, design and share AR apps & experiences. Create in full immersion thanks to the power of virtual reality and give life to engaging augmented reality experiences — no code required.

Where you design and share immersive experiences.

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Minsar Studio is a complete tool to design and share
interactive and engaging augmented reality
experiences — without any line of code.

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Where you design & share immersive experiences.

Minsar Studio makes your AR & VR projects shine.

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Design engaging no-code augmented reality and virtual reality experiences through your smartphone, tablet, or AR/VR headset.

"Minsar has the potential to forever change the way we create VR/AR experiences. The Opuscope team is made up of some of the most creative and product-oriented people in the industry"

Julie Young
Creative technology

Design powerful no-code augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Unlimited content

Import 2D or 3D content from Google Drive, Dropbox, Sketchfab, or local storage.

On all your devices


Minsar Studio is built with designers and creators in mind. Pick up your AR/VR compatible device and start designing innovative and breathtaking experiences.

"Minsar is a great tool for animating events […], to create engaging seminars for my clients. AR has a definite WOW factor that can't be beaten with traditional 2D materials."

Sabine Landolt
Founder, Dim3branding
No-code technology

Our no-code software allows you to create AR/VR experiences, regardless of your technical skills.


Enhanced drag-and-drop technology allows you to place elements directly into your scene with ease.

Interactive scenes

Transform 3D elements, videos, text, sound, and images, with dynamic triggers and actions.


There are many ways to share your augmented reality and virtual reality experiences with your team, customers, and clients around the world.

"I am currently writing a book that I plan to animate with Minsar, our book will pop out to users and create a one of a kind reading experience.We are also hoping to use Minsar to create an interactive launch event for our book."

Agathe Laurent
Founder, Springvoice
Share with a QR code or URL

Viewers can open your experiences simply by scanning a QR code or following a standard URL.

Publish on social media

Your 3D content can now be shared directly on social media using our Spark AR integration for Facebook and Instagram.

Export to website

Turn your website into a 3D universe by embedding your experiences with our WebXR integration.

Create more interactivity.

Interactions are the core of Minsar Studio. Design powerful immersive narratives triggered by your viewer — tap, enter a zone or enter view... Space becomes your playground for your story. No programming needed.
Design teams are now able to create AR experiences on their own.

Share with the world.

Minsar offers powerful services to share your AR experiences and reach your audience. Connect with a more general audience by sharing your experiences in a web browser — powered by WebAR and 8th Wall. Do it within a second, if you want, thanks to our power cloud services.

Here's a little preview of what you get with Minsar Studio.

Design augmented reality in VR.

"I use software such as Minsar to adapt my creations to a completely immersive universe, that people can access through a VR headset. "
Ines Alpha
3D Artist
no code


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Keep your usual software companions to create your files to import in Minsar Studio.

Share your experience with a URL link or a QR code.

Get started in a second with our tutorials.

No app, no friction. Easy access for your audience through a simple web browser.

"Minsar allows rendering new life to assets, pushing and creating new limits."
Melvin Bonnaffé
NDA Paris
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Design interactive and engaging AR and VR experiences effortlessly and without any programming skills.

*Beta available for selected partners.

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"Working with Minsar Studio allowed me to focus only on design"
Steven Passaro
Fashion designer

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"Minsar has been one of the pioneers of augmented reality in the sector of cultural heritage"
Nicolas Orsini
Ministère de la Culture

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A new way to work together.

Create. Share. Collaborate. With a few simple steps you can build immersive and dynamic experiences using the Minsar collaborative and cross-platform software. Create on any compatible device and let your audience view it from the device that suits them best.

Minsar Studio on all
your devices.




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