October 20, 2019

Introducing XR View & The Spatial Browser

XR View is a brand new way to share AR/VR content with your clients, visitors, general public, and more! It is one of the world’s first viewers for 3D content, and is paving the way for spatial browsers and the future of the internet.

XR View is a brand new way to share AR /VR content with your clients, visitors, general public and more! It is one of the world’s first viewers for 3D content and is paving the way for the future of the Internet.

Envision a world where every 2D website has a 3D counter part, allowing you to build immersive and collaborative universes for your business. Spatial browsers will help you navigate these universes in the future.

You may already be familiar with the application XR View, often used in correlation with the application Minsar Create. XR View allows you to easily share AR/ VR experiences with millions of people across the world in one simple click.

Aquarium Experience in 3D and Augmented Reality

So what is a Spatial Browser and how does it work?

A Spatial Browser is similar to any regular 2D browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more, except for it allows you to browse and search content in 3D.

Before Spatial Browsers, sharing AR/ VR content was extremely complicated and certainly not scalable. You had to manually upload AR/ VR content to devices and making any edits required deleting and uploading a whole new version.

Today you can easily build and edit AR/VR content on the Minsar Create application and then share that content with one simple click through XR View.

Minsar by Opuscope SAS is a code-free platform, which includes the applications Minsar Create and XR View, that allows creative professionals to build, distribute, and collaborate on AR & VR experiences directly through their 3D headset, tablet, or smartphone. The platform is currently available on HoloLens, Magic Leap, Android, and iOS devices.

Download Minsar Create for iOS devices here
Download Minsar Create for Android devices here

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