February 4, 2020

Nreal: Here's what we thought

You asked, we delivered. Our Development Team, as well as Head of Design, CTO, & Artistic Director, have all shared their thoughts on the highly anticipated “Nreal light” mixed reality glasses.

You asked, we delivered. Our Development Team, as well as Head of Design, CTO, & Artistic Director, have all shared their thoughts on the highly anticipated “Nreal light” mixed reality glasses.

Head of Design, Alexia Buclet, had mostly positive things to say about the glasses, although she recognizes that Nreal has a few things to improve on. 

“The screen quality is amazing, and the field of view is great for such a small device. However, a little bit of motion sickness can occur since the spatial mapping has some issues from time to time.”

She was also pleasantly surprised by the comfort and wearability of the glasses, especially because of how light they are (they only weigh 88g!). The adjustable nose accessory proved slightly problematic for Alexia, as it needs to be adjusted separately each time it is worn by a new person, and she fears it may not be comfortable for all face sizes/shapes.

Co-Founder and CTO of Minsar, Thomas Nigro, was pleasantly surprised by the wearability and affordability of the glasses.

“It's definitely going to be a productivity device for companies that want to enter the spatial computing era without spending much money on it.” 

The Nreal light glasses are considerably cheaper than other headsets, with a starting price of only $499. Similar to Alexia, Thomas was satisfied by how light and comfortable the device was when adjusted correctly to one’s face.

“It's comfortable and light, you easily forget about it. Not only for the goggles: the little computer is light and clips very easily to a pocket.”

Photo: Thomas Nigro with Nreal Glasses

Unity Engineer Claudio Mutti also loves how comfortable the glasses are in comparison to other 3D headsets, but hopes for a few improvements, particularly concerning the flimsy controller and eyesight correction options.

“They are really easy to put on and quite comfortable: they perfectly match the shape of your head and are lightweight. Moreover, the clippable CPU is lightweight and compact, much better than other 3D headsets.”

However, Claudio was a bit disappointed by the controller, calling it “cheap” and “not ergonomic”. He is hopeful this will change once the glasses are able to be plugged into an Android phone, as originally promised.

“When pressing the button, you don't have good feedback, and having it track only the rotation of your hand/wrist and not its position was a bit disappointing.”

He also thinks that the eyesight correction options could hinder the mass-adoption of the glasses.

“The current solution of adding custom-made lenses on-the-go can work for now, but if they don’t develop a better solution, this could become one of the most important points of friction in order to get people using (and buying) them.”

Aside from these issues, he loved the 4D cinema option and can really picture himself using this as his main home TV screen.

Richard Dante, our Artistic Director (and typically the harshest critic when it comes to new tech) was pleasantly surprised by the Nreal glasses, but he stays wanting more from them.

“I really enjoy the physical command buttons, which prevent the graphical user interface from being overloaded. I also like the way that the project is presented from project-picker with an immersive preview.” 

However Richard also states that the joystick is a bit disappointing (having 3DoF instead of 6), and he wishes that the dev kit came with the capability of attaching the glasses to an Android phone as promised. 

All in all, our team seems to agree that the glasses excel in comfort and price, while requiring some improvement in other areas such as the controller and spatial mapping.

If you’ve tried the Nreal glasses, we would love to hear what you thought of them! Join our Slack Community, or email us at to let us know what you think about our team’s assessments.

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