February 21, 2019

Minsar Selected for Magic Leap Creator Program

Partners: Minsar was selected by Magic Leap as one of the young and groundbreaking startups to receive funding out of 6,500 initial candidates.

Minsar (previously Minsight) is proud to announce that they have been selected by Magic Leap, the American spatial computing startup, as a partner in their Creator Program!

Creative 3D Street Art
Minsar <> Magic Leap

In November 2018, Magic Leap launched their Creator Program with the objective of building an ecosystem around the Magic Leap technology. Opuscope — the startup developing Minsar — was notified earlier this month that they were selected as one of the young and groundbreaking startups to receive funding out of 6,500 initial candidates. The program provides grants to startups in the amounts of 20,000 to 500,000 USD, with a total of 10 million USD in available funds.

Magic Leap Minsar
Magic Leap One Creator Edition is a lightweight, wearable computer that enriches your experience in the real world with digital content, in everything from commerce and entertainment to communications and productivity.

The Magic Leap Program aims to provide developers the support and tools they will need to successfully develop and promote their products. The program offers a full range of resources and partners, including marketing support and Magic Leap One devices. These tools will help Minsar bring their software to life!

Minsar is proud to share in the vision of Magic Leap and join their community as a front-runner in the AR/VR field. Minsar wants to empower every creator and let them publish the best 3D experiences and apps on the Magicverse, without any technical hassles.

Magic Leap Excited Team Minsar
This was our team’s reaction on Monday, when our CEO Soraya Jaber announced the news

Minsar will use the funds received from this grant to develop their immersive editor for the Magic Leap One device. The endorsement of Magic Leap will speed up the development of Minsar and allow a polished version to be launched this year and be potentially shown at the L.E.A.P 2019 conference.

About Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a technology company building the next computing platform. They are a team of creators, engineers, scientists and artists reinventing everything from commerce and entertainment to communications and productivity. Their mission is to harmonize people and technology to create a better, more unified world.

(Magic Leap is proudly headquartered in Plantation, Florida, with additional offices in California, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Israel, New Zealand and Switzerland.)

About Minsar

Minsar is a platform for creating and distributing 3D experiences for the emerging world of mixed reality, without technical expertise. It allows users to be fully immersed in a collaborative creation environment, whether purely virtual or anchored to the real world. Designed to be highly cross-platform, Minsar aims at democratizing the creation in Mixed Reality, which remains a highly technical and complex task. By freeing the creators from these technical complexities, allows them to make their creations available from anywhere at anytime, Minsar wants to open new ways of invention and creation with the magic of Mixed Reality.

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