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July 9, 2021

Defining the Metaverse

The merge of the digital and the physical is here; the metaverse and it's a big deal. The totality of the physical and virtual worlds, as well as digital assets and the data of the internet, we dug out some experiences and did some research to try and answer all the questions you might have in regards to the metaverse.

There are a lot of questions that come up when thinking about what exactly is the metaverse, how do you define it?

What is sure is this term won't be defined by a single person or company, but by many, and it will continue to evolve.

What is the Metaverse?

The merge of the digital and the physical is here; the metaverse and it's a big deal. The totality of the physical and virtual worlds, as well as digital assets and the data of the internet.

The metaverse is opening an opportunity to bring people together in ways that were not possible before in the physical world. We included some definitions that have been used to define metaverse.


A collective virtual shared space, made up of virtually enhanced physical realities, the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

The word derives from "Meta" meaning beyond and "universe". A concept of the future iteration of the internet made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a virtual universe. With alternate digital realities where you can work, play, and socialize.

How does it work?

Born from projects creating digital copies of our physical worlds and building programs and apps that can be overlaid and used in local environments. Here to make use cases available to us and enrich the physical world around us, filling it in with information. In the shared virtual space, people are represented by digital avatars. AR apps enable users to choose from several layers to be projected onto current surroundings.

The combination of AR, VR, and MR in the metaverse is what will allow apps to take information about things and locations to place them into the physical world.


Today in Minsar we launched the XR Gallery, a fully made-in Minsar Metaverse gallery showcasing artists, designers, and studios' immersive works designed and shared with Minsar.

Including a monthly curation of revolutionary artists who are transforming immersive experiences with their creations, where guests will be able to see the work of artists like Andy Picci, Ben Elliot, Nicolas Barrome, Steven Passaro, Ivano Salonia, and NDA.

Guests will also be able to discover out permanent gallery with the work of Atomic Digital Design X Satoshi studio, Kashif Ross, Les Napoleons, Trym Abrahamsen & Jasmine Wallace, Loudsqueak, Marc Urtasun created by us.

This gallery was made using the scenes feature in Minsar. The different universes are linked thanks to the interactive features, allowing you to navigate and discover between these scenes and discover all the artist's work.

Entertainment, a huge opportunity

For the moment, the only way to experience the internet is when going on it, however thanks to new connectivity, devices, and technology soon it will be available to experience all around, all the time, constantly evolving. It's what we call "spatial computing".

Amongst the biggest trends that are gradually bringing the metaverse to include game experiences that are a very dominant form of entertainment, trumping conventional content, and consuming users. With AR we can think about Pokemon Go reaching one billion downloads in March 2019.  Fortnite or Roblox, with billions of players, are definitely unique metaverse too. You can play a game, customize your avatar, build worlds, go to a concert, or wear a Louis Vuitton digital outfit. That is the power of a metaverse.

There are many smaller metaverses today, with unique characteristics, however, one of the deciding factors of success will be the underlying infrastructure, and quality of the platform's connectivity.


In the coming years, technology will continue to accelerate and at an exponential rate, our digital and physical lives will merge even further. As professionals and brands across all industries seek to be part of the future with the metaverse.

The most valuable metaverses will be those that can become places of global representation and equality where everyone can participate and have the chance to participate in this new virtual world.

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