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March 11, 2019

When Dreams Become “Augmented” Reality

This blog explores "Naumachia of Parc Monceau", one of the first fully functional Minsar Experiences, created by Maëlys Jusseaux.

Three years after the video concept of Opuscope, Minsar can finally allow people to create their own mixed reality experiences (through Hololens, iOS and soon Magic Leap). The dream finally comes true!

Create 3D Experience Historic
Naumachia, experience made in Minsar see through iPad Pro. © Opuscope, Minsar

3 years ago, Opuscope was established as a 3D agency dedicated to cultural and patrimonial valorization. The 11th of March 2016, we shared a video outlining the purpose of the startup. We can see, at the end of this very first teaser Introducing Opuscope, a woman, Soraya Jaber, CEO & Co-founder, exploring the history and architecture of the Naumachia through the HoloLens One. This particular place is a reconstitution of Ancient Rome Naumachias, great shows that displayed naval battles. It is said that the first Naumachia was given by Julius Caesar. At the start of Opuscope, we already wanted to demonstrate how Mixed Reality could help revive these monuments. That is why we can see at the end of the video, Soraya watching a reconstruction of this kind of naval battles which were displayed in Ancient Rome centuries ago.

Opuscope’s very first video, released exactly three years ago. Around 0:38, you can see a sequence shot at the Naumachia in Parc Monceau. © Opuscope.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have made the experience real, through Minsar.

Maëlys Jusseaux is a Cultural and artistic projects researcher on Minsar, and also a digital artist working on a PhD about immersive technologies applied to Cultural Heritage. She is the author of the experience.

Exploring the Naumachia of Parc Monceau with Minsar : Part 1

This is the first part of a four-part article presenting the technical and conceptual work-through of the experience…

Written by Maëlys Jusseaux on

She thoughtfully designed and created an experience based on what we designed three years ago. Also, she searched, found and downloaded 3D models which she rehandled a bit in order to bring this experience to life. She built the experience with an iPad Pro 2018, within about 15 minutes. The experience is representing a static battle ship on the Naumachia, between a Greek ship and a Roman one, facing each other, ready to fight.

3D River Experience Boats
Naumachia, experience made in Minsar. Captured through iPad Pro. © Opuscope, Maelys Jusseaux.

This experience truly represents a retrospective of Opuscope history. By recreating the experience the founders imagined three years ago, Maëlys established a link from past to present which makes us realize how far Minsar has come thanks to the genuinely hard work of our brilliant team. This is, therefore, a particularly moving moment for us. The emotion is palpable. The excitement is perceptible especially for the founders, Soraya Jaber and Thomas Nigro, CTO and Co-founder. This is a delightful assessment of a fulfillment we are proud of. It was a sensitive moment to see the outcome of our work and ideas.

Opuscope is a truly magic adventure.

We are evolving, as is the ecosystem of mixed reality. We soon realized, like any 3D creator, the absence of a simple solution to create and share 3D experiences, and therefore, the difficulty for organizations to fund such projects. That is why Opuscope is now developing Minsar a world where creative professionals can easily build, co-create, and distribute their own immersive VR/AR experiences, without code.

The future is more and more promising for Minsar now that we are participating in the Magic Leap Creator Program. To be a part of this magic adventure confirmed our vision.

Minsar is available on Microsoft HoloLens, iOS and will be soon available on the Magic Leap One headsets.



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